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Off Grid and Renewable Energy Support

We have been off grid for 5 years. We installed our own off grid power system, and designed our own wind turbine. We have produced biodiesel and converted diesel engines to run on Veggie Oil.

My background is computers and electronics for over 20 years. We are offering a new service, personal one on one support, in solar and wind, off grid power systems, battery care, inverter and charger help, and other off grid topics, including off grid internet options. Try it out for free for the first ten minutes on us. No obligations, no upfront fees, no hidden fees, We want to help you become more self sufficient. If you want to continue after 10 minutes, or schedule additional sessions, we charge $1/ minute, with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with our advice.

We also offer research packets in the topic of your choice.

All with a money back guarantee. If you are not happy, you don’t pay.

Save Money through Conservation and Efficiency

It’s getting rough out there economically. Times are getting harder, and a primary way to ease the crunch is to use less, and use what you need more efficiently. We have gone on a hunt to wring out the best efficiency we can out of our appliances and usage habits, and share some of these tips with you. We have put together a free guide to help you in the areas of water, electric, fuel and other areas of consumption we think will be helpful.

We have produced a DIY guide to home energy conservation and efficiency. Learn how to save hundreds per month in heating, cooling, transportation and electric bills. We live off grid, and produce our own food, fuel and energy, from heat to electricity. This is no joke. You will save money if you implement these tips. Living green does not have to cost money, it can save money. In these harsh economic times, measures need to be taken to reduce operating expenditures, and reduce resource depletion. We have done it, and we are sharing. We ask for a $10 donation, but the guide is yours regardless. You can download it from the files section of the discussion group at

Vegetable Oil: Transportation and Home Heating Fuel

This week we picked up a ’96 Diesel Chevy Suburban, and a large fuel oil furnace, both to be converted to run on used vegetable oil in the next few weeks. Keep checking back in to see our progress.

The furnace will have our Babington Burner installed, which allows the use of used vegetable and even motor oil. For environmental reasons, we use vegetable oil.

The Suburban will be converted to a two tank operation, with the vegetable oil tank heated with coolant. See our Wiki and Photo Album for more details.

Solar Distilling – Clean water from bad

Greg Lesher sent us his ebook on how to make tire based solar distillers, which work great with seawater or grey water. We recommend it. Here it is in his words:

I have figured out a way to use sea water or worse in the garden. One
could recycle 100% of the grey water from the home as distilled water
using no power or fossil fuels. And make the system using free used
tires and a few other cheep items available anywhere.

I have been messing around with solar stills for years but they are
not cheep to build and to grow a garden, out of the question because of
the cost alone.

Tires are a global problem, now I want 100′s for my use, and they are
more than happy to give them away! I put together an ebook at

Or I can try and explain the process, but a pic is worth a thousand
words as in this case.