How To Build Your Own Solar Panel

How to build your own solar panel from scratch. Explains what are the key materials you need and a step by step process to make your own solar cell system at home.

Why Go Solar?

What are the reasons that would convince you that building your own solar panel for your home is a smart move? Well, try cost savings as your first motive. With the price of staying “on the grid” increasing every day, and with power companies holding a near monopoly over the supply of their precious commodity – electricity – there’s only so much a sane person can take before he or she if forced to act.

And if that isn’t sufficient to motivate you, then think “eco friendly”. Yes, not only is solar power cheap to generate in the long run, it is also a very clean source of alternate energy. This means that there are no harmful emissions or stacks of pollutants spewed out as a result of using solar power, unlike gas, coal or diesel fired generators.

What Are Your Options?

With so much of information available about the solar power and solar panels, you can easily do some research and figure out how to build your own solar panel. For the brave “experimenter”, you can purchase some instructions from a reputable DIY guide site, buy all the parts you need yourself, and start building the unit.


>> Step-By-Step Guide On How To Build Your Own Solar Panels <<

However, like any project, your requirements and your budget will determine how you should proceed with doing this. Obviously, it goes without saying, the more money you have available, the better results you will receive. And here’s what most people thinking of building their own solar power generator don’t seem to understand. What you pay today for your solar panel is not an “expense”. Think of it as a down payment on many future years of clean, pollution-free power consumption.

Using Your DIY Instructions

If you are slightly mechanical minded, you could probably figure out the process and start building your own solar panel within no time at all. However, investing in a DIY guide is a good idea. You do not need to have a background as an electrician to do this, but being familiar with the principles of electricity and electrical safety won’t hurt either.

The most expensive items that you would probably need to build the solar panels are solar cells. You would probably be best off if you buy the actual cells from a reputable manufacturer, someone like Coleman, Sundance or Powerfilm. If you go online, to sites like eBay for example, you may even get some real bargains – either brand new or previously used.

Other key components that you would probably need are plexiglass, diodes, jones plugs, some paint, some lumbar for the frame and mounting stand, silicone caulking, electrical wire and some miscellaneous building hardware like brackets, screws, nails and tacks.

How To Build Your Own Solar Panel Basic Tutorial

Click Here To Build Your Own Complete Solar Panels (Full Instructions)

DIY Solar Cell Kits With Accessories

For those of you who would prefer something more off-the-shelf, buying a complete DIY solar kit with all the accessories will save you lots of time and help you get started on your solar project quickly. Such basic solar kits include:

  • Solar cells
  • DIY videos and instructions
  • Wires for completing the panel connections
  • Flux Pen for soldering cells and wires
  • Diodes for preventing the panel from draining a battery

If you are ready to start building your own solar panel, click here for the complete package.

Find Qualified Solar Panel Contractors

Still unsure about building your own solar panels or too busy to learn how to build the full solar system yourself?

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5 Key Benefits of Using Green Solar Energy At Home

Using green solar energy at home is akin to hitting five birds with one stone, so to speak. Here are the top 5 key benefits of on why you should know how to build your own solar panel for home use.

  1. Environmental HealthElectricity is most commonly generated by burning dirty fossil fuels, like coal, that emit greenhouse gases and other noxious toxins into the environment. Using green solar energy is a way to offset the need to use these unhealthy fuel sources.
  2. Energy Efficiency – Along these same lines, using solar energy makes a home more energy efficient, simply because it requires using less electricity from traditional fuel sources.
  3. Lower Monthly Bills – Saving energy and being more energy efficient means that a homeowner can significantly reduce or eliminate a monthly utility bill. Depending on the size of the bill, this could mean cutting thousands of dollars of bills annually.
  4. Sell Energy – That’s right, not only do homeowners save on monthly energy bills by investing in solar energy, but in many states, there are “net metering” laws that enable solar energy owners to sell their access electricity back to the grid. Imagine having the utility company pay you!
  5. Tax Benefits – Right now there are a slew of federal and state tax incentives that are encouraging homeowners to invest in green solar systems. In many cases, these incentives combined total thousands of dollars making it a no-brainer to invest in solar energy.




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